Film solutions for your building

Window Film makes your building safer, more secure and saves energy. Commercial buildings derive great benefit from having window film installed.

Some benefits:

Save money: Facilities of any size will save money by maintaining a balanced climate. Businesses will see an immediate return on window investment when commercial films are installed by lowering the energy and operating costs every month. Excessive solar heat loads cause localized “hot spots” and make balancing of air conditioning systems difficult.  Applying solar control window film to your building reduces solar heat load, eliminates “hot spots” and makes balancing the buildings A/C system easy.

Comfortable work environment: Any sunlit environment is subject to problems like hotspots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperature. Studies have shown that reduced glare improves employee productivity and tenant comfort.

Interior building protection: Protect the valuable contents of your building such as merchandise, furniture, carpet, draperies and equipment. Window film rejects up to 99 percent of destructive UV light and solar heat, so it preserves the value of your property.

Safety with Security Window Film: The glass and windows may be the most vulnerable part or your building. Safety in the workplace is top priority, and commercial window films are available in a thick, security window film version, which helps hold window glass in place if shattered.

Protection against Vandalism and graffiti: Anti-graffiti window films are designed to go on the outside surface of your windows and glass to protect them against scratching, gouging, paint and acid-etching.  Affordable, effective and easy to install and remove these anti-graffiti films protect the windows on your building, store or office.

Style: Make the best impression with Commercial films that provide beauty and design as well as privacy.

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